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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego welcomes individuals in the community who want to support our efforts through volunteering. We provide a variety of opportunities for volunteers, including individuals, groups and teens.  Please note that volunteer opportunities are limited to weekdays until 6pm; no weekend opportunities are available. Volunteer processing and assignments are managed by each individual location. Feel free to call or stop by the location that interests you. 
*If you are interested in volunteering, please submit your application online or fill out the form below and complete a Volunteer Application (click below for the appropriate application).


Individual Volunteers 
Those who wish to volunteer on a regular basis must pass a background check. Volunteers will not be allowed to work with children until the check is complete.  The background check requires the application be filled out completely – including your social security number.
Those who need court-ordered volunteer service should contact the Branch directly and make arrangements with the Site Supervisor. Therefore, completing a volunteer application is not necessary for court-ordered service

Teen Volunteers
Individuals younger than 18 years of age are not old enough to go through the background check.  A limited number of volunteers in this age group are accepted.  The parent permission form must be signed by both the teen volunteer and his/her parent and brought  in to the Club for the interview.  

Group Volunteers 
Groups who wish to volunteer on a one-time or occasional basis do not need to complete individual volunteer applications.  The group application must be submitted well in advance to ensure there is enough work for the group.  Groups that are flexible with the date they wish to volunteer will have more options for projects.

Corporate Volunteers (Mission Moments Project)
Volunteer service projects for companies and community groups. Group either collectively works on one project at a site or spits up to shadow BGC staff on the rotations. Limited to current corporate partners or companies expected to provide funding in future. Power Hour Presentation to follow/kick-off. Please contact Tesha Young about a Mission Moments Project at 858.866.0591 x201 or Email.
If you require a pdf version of the volunteer application, which may delay the process,
please click here.


Billiards, foosball, ping pong, board games, basketball, soccer, active games, playground 
Adults are often needed to teach sportsmanship and skills to youth in our games rooms and gymnasiums. Having additional adults in the games room means that our members are surrounded with positive role models. One-on-one interaction between youth and adults is an essential building block for healthy development of youth.

Homework assistance, tutoring, storytelling, word processing, Web design, Internet surfing, tech support, supervision, programming 
Today's families are pulled in all directions. It is often difficult for parents to take the time out of their day to help their child with homework. Each day, kids come to our Clubs looking for assistance and attention. Volunteers are often needed to give each student the attention they deserve. Adult tutors are also needed to meet with youth to help build their skills in a particular area.

Flag football, basketball, volleyball, soccer
Coaching takes a special person who cares about youth and who can model teamwork, sportsmanship, and the joy of being involved in a positive, healthy activity.

Youth who understand citizenship will take part in their communities throughout their lives. 
Volunteers are needed to advise Boys & Girls Club members in the ways of good citizenship, teaching the skills of democracy, planning events, working in a team, and helping others. Volunteers for the above programs must be over 21, and must make a one-year commitment to the group they facilitate. Time commitment is beyond four hours per month.

Cooking, art, dance, magic, outdoors, environmental education, biking
Each of us has a special passion. Whether it’s kites, cupcakes, model airplanes, or anything else—one-time demonstrations or weekly classes—you choose the topic and the format! Don't be shy…your hobby might be just what some child needs to keep him or her going when the things get tough.

Special events, board member, and young professionals association
Volunteers in this arena work on special events and fundraising for the Clubs. 

For specific inquiries, please call 858-866-0591 x213 or Email 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego prides itself on being a community resource for youth philanthropy and civic engagement. We are also a resource for students who are seeking internships to gain experience in non-profit administrative work and working directly with Club members through developing, planning and implementing youth programs.

For specific inquiries, please call 858-866-0591 x202