4S Ranch - Sophia Del Toro
Baker Family-  Connor Contreras
Borrego Springs - Presyla Anguiano
Bronner Family - Cristina Velasquez
Clairemont - Alijah & Gemni Batie
Encanto - Isaiah Bell
Linda Vista Teen Center - Ramani Husband
Mitchell -  Kehila Moreno
Payne Family - Oscar Tovar
Wm. J. Oakes - Vicente Cruz
Ramona - Anthony Dinero
Roberts Family - Amber Leverton
Sulpizio Family - Breanna Long
Del Dios X-Track - Alan Bulle
Hidden Valley X-Track - Jessica Chaves
Mission X-Track - Stephanie Pineda
Rincon X-Track - Kevin Dong
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Youth of the Year

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego's Youth of the Year (YOY) recognition program celebrates youth who have overcome enormous odds and demonstrated exceptional character and accomplishments. These deserving young people are recognized for service to their Club and community, academic performance and contributions to their family. 
Each site selects a youth of the month in several categories throughout the entire year. Between February and March, each site celebrates the program with a dinner to recognize all of the YOY's from the previous year. This is where the site's YOY is announced. Shortly thereafter, the YOY for the entire organization is announced and then is entered in the County's YOY Competition. The YOY program is a nationwide competition, commencing with the naming of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America's YOY.

Ramani Husband 
 Linda Vista Teen Center
Ramani, a Linda Vista Teen Center member, is an excellent example of a young person who strives to adhere to high moral standard.  Read His Story

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