Mission Moments Archive 5

Impact Stories of the BGCGSD

Watch when Aryana learns that she has been selected to perform.

On Her Way To Dallas

Aryana began singing and playing the piano at the age of five. She never had a singing lesson, but her passion for singing and encouragement from her grandfather has helped her develop her talent. Now five years later she got the best telephone call in her life. With her fellow Club members crowded around her, she got a call from BGCA President Jim Clark. He informed her that she was one of nine acts chosen from 130 submissions nationwide to perform at the National Conference in Dallas. “I was shocked and really happy. I started crying and was just overjoyed,” said Aryana. 

Branch Manager Ruth Cassidy says Aryana “Is a child open to every opportunity and is not afraid to try. She is somebody who knows who she is, what her strengths are and has just the biggest and most giving heart. Every day she comes to the Club, she brightens everything we do and it reminds us of why we do our jobs. We are so proud that she will be representing our Club and showcasing her talent at the National Conference.”

When asked where she gets her strong inner strength, she replied, “It comes from all the courage and love and support my family gives me.” She continued, “I have learned a lot of things at the Club…always to believe in yourself, never give up and always have courage. That’s what I think the Boys & Girls Club is all about. It’s about helping others to believe that they are wonderful and no matter what other people tell you, you are awesome.”

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