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As told by Jennifer, BGCGSD parent

Our journey with the Boys and Girls club started about 15 years ago. I was a single parent that was just told that we need to find new child care since my child is now going to be too old to continue with the Head Start program. Like many parents where do I go? Who do I trust? Cost? So many questions and so many worries. On a whim, I walked into the Boys and Girls club. When I walked in I met Ms. Ruth the Director. She was and still is very inviting and made me feel comfortable with leaving my soon to be 6 year old in her hands. Even though, I was still nervous to leave my child there. 

The Boys and Girls club is such a life saver and has helped my family in so many ways. The extended hours, the financial programs that it offers as well as the amazing staff. They all have been a blessing. I absolutely love that the variety of programs offered by creative and enthusiastic staff. They find ways to capture the different interests of children. Then they apply those interest to help them to develop ideas for careers, hobbies and interests for the future. When I signed up my kids to join the boys and girls club was the best decision I could have made

My three children all joined the boys and girls club as soon as they could. They look forward to their day at the club every day. They love the safe and loving environment that the staff provides. My oldest, 21 years old is now part of the staff, now a Senior in college the flexibility of the scheduling for the club has allowed him to come back summer after summer to work. My middle child, 14 years old who has so much energy is able to participate in all the activities as well as help with the little ones. My youngest, 8 years old who is learning to break out of her shell. The interaction with the kids and staff is AMAZING! Little do my children know they are learning more than they know. 

Now for the most important factor of the club. Ms. Ruth, the director. She is one of the most amazing people that I know. She is the “mom” of the club. She is able to multitask without blinking. She is able to keep track of 200+ kids in the club. Know where they are, who's coming in, who’s leaving, disciplining with empathy and all around know everything about every ”body” in the club . There are time where I come and drop off my kids at 7am. She is already there bright and early ready to accept the responsibility for my children without hesitation and she is there when I pick them up. I feel that this is way more than just a job for her. Her compassion and passion for this club and the kids is like no other.

I am looking forward to another 10 years with the club. 



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