MM: Rewarding Experience


SPARK provided 20 Club members with a special trip to play laser tag & In-N-Out! 

A Rewarding Experience

Growing up is not an easy task. Young people today face numerous challenges and peer pressure to engage in risky behaviors. It can be a struggle to know how to make the right choices. The Clubs provide members support through a specialized mentoring program to help them succeed in making the proper decisions.

Being in the program is hard work and success is measured in small steps towards the larger goal. However, it is always a nice treat to be rewarded for being earnest in the program. Twenty Club members from the Clairemont and Oakes branches were treated to a laser tag & dinner field trip sponsored by SPARK, Friends of the BGCGSD. The goal of the evening was to show the members that other people believe in them.

“It was so generous of SPARK to give our members a fun night. Most of them do not get to experience things like this,” said Branch Manager Ruth Cassidy.

For some of the members, the stop at In-N-Out Burger was their first time eating at the popular restaurant. SPARK President Samantha Faulkner said, "The looks on the kids faces after they asked 'how much can we order?' and we answered 'whatever you want!' was priceless.” “After we were done eating, they all hugged and thanked us. It was very heartwarming. I was impressed that the kids were so well behaved.”

The next day members were still ecstatic and appreciative. *Raul said with a big smile, “I can’t stop thinking about how much fun I had yesterday. I felt special and that I belonged. They were so nice and cared enough to give me a special night.”

*name was changed

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