MM: Club Kid Story


A Club Staff Member In The Making

As Told By Prebys Ramona Branch Manager Simone McCune

*Charlie is a 3rd grade boy who has trouble interacting with children his own age. His parents let us know last summer that he was on the autistic spectrum and that he had a lot of trouble in other programs. 

We quickly noticed that he would rather hang out with the staff, so we began to give him extra responsibilities around the Club. His mom came in one day to let us know that he was “playing Boys & Girls Club” at home. He asked her to make him a staff nametag and buy him a lanyard. 

At the end of summer, staff person Heath gave him the activity schedule that was on the board and Charlie was ecstatic! For Halloween, we let him borrow a summer staff shirt and a broken walkie-talkie so he could be a BGC Staff.  

*Name and photo have been changed.
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