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Raytheon Center Of Innovation Opens At The Ron Roberts Family Branch

On Tuesday, May 30th, the BGCGSD Ron Roberts Family Branch in Linda Vista opened a state-of-the-art Center of Innovation to serve as an inspiring backdrop for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programming. The Center of Innovation was made possible thanks to generous support from tech leader Raytheon and the company’s $5 million commitment to Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). 

Together BGCA and Raytheon are establishing 22 Centers of Innovation in communities with a high concentration of military families. Growing up in a military family poses special challenges for children, with frequent moves and long stretches apart from a deployed parent. About 70 percent of all military families live in civilian communities away from critical health, academic, and social services provided on-installation. 
The Center of Innovation at the Ron Roberts Family Branch is equipped to instill confidence and curiosity of STEM learning among youth members to help bridge the education gap that often comes with new posts and military reassignments among military youth. 
Tuesday’s event welcomed opening remarks from special guests that included: Congressman Scott Peters of California’s 52nd District; Doug Beckham, retired U.S. Navy Engineer; Jerry Fitzmorris, Sr. Capture Manager at Raytheon; and Danny Sherlock, CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego.

“Military families make tremendous sacrifices for our country, but those sacrifices should never include their children missing opportunities to explore the endless possibilities available to them,” said Danny Sherlock, President & CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego. “We’re proud to offer a safe, familiar place for greater San Diego youth, and with this new Center of Innovation from Raytheon, we’ll be able to forge passions in STEM that will positively impact their future.”

Congressman Peters also shared gratitude for the new facility and the commitment from Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego and Raytheon to provide a stimulating environment for military children to excel in STEM-related fields, which is significant as STEM jobs are expected to grow nearly twice as fast as those in any other field by 2018.

“San Diego is a proud military town that’s grateful to the service-members and their families who call our city home,” said Congressman Peters. “Expanding the Center of Innovation’s STEM programming to military children will give them the skills they need today to be innovative leaders tomorrow.”

Jerry Fitzmorris of Raytheon said: “We are proud to partner with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego to offer Club members a stimulating environment where they can succeed. At Raytheon, supporting military families is our responsibility; inspiring the military child is our privilege.”

The Center of Innovation at the Ron Roberts Family Branch is the tenth and most recent location, and it that will offer:
o Robotics on display for members to learn how to build and program their own robot;
o A 3D Printer to inspire creative design among members;
o Magic Balloons Science Experiment for members to learn about gas and chemical reactions; and
o Building with Straws to serve a fun, engineering challenge for members.

The Center Of Innovation is open to all Club members regardless  of military affiliation.
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