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Soccer Sportsmanship Magic

A Letter From A Thankful School Teacher

First of all, I want to thank your organization for all the amazing things you do for the youth of Escondido. The Boys & Girls Club deserves kudos for the opportunities you provide to kids. Whenever United Way asks who we want our donation dollars to go to, I always direct it to you.

Secondly, the teachers at Hidden Valley Middle School are pleased with the X-Track program that you are running at our school. Chris Dotson and his crew are simply wonderful with the students and the program. They are firm, responsible, kind and consistent with the students. The students are safe and having fun, yet at the same time they are challenged and motivated by the X-Track staff. We feel confident that the X-Track students are getting quality care.

Thirdly, I wanted to mention that yesterday, at the 8th grade soccer game between Hidden Valley and Rincon, a little sportsmanship magic occurred. And it all happened because three of your employees allowed and encouraged a beautiful moment to proceed:

Our team was beating the Rincon team by quite a bit, but still the Rincon players were continuing to play with appropriate sportsmanship. When there was just a minute or so left in the game, our coach mentioned to Michael Defreece, Carlos Olivares, and Christian Luna, which one of our players would never play on a high school team (Isiah is not a talented player and is a bit "special") and it would be nice if he could score a goal. Next thing we knew both Rincon boys and our boys conspired to allow Isiah to dribble down the field and take a shot! Both teams floundered around him as he dribbled down the field; his shot was off quite a bit, so no goal. The ref whistled loudly and to our surprise pulled a yellow card and allowed our student to have a penalty kick!!! The Rincon goalie graciously gave a half-hearted effort to stop the goal, but Isiah put it in the net! We were all shocked. We had no idea that the referees must have talked to the Rincon team and encouraged them to kindly participate with this plan. Our boys ran onto the field after the goal and did a dog pile on Isiah. Super awesome! Truly the stuff that movies are made about. Tears inducing.

What a nice, kind gesture on the part of the Club referees. Thank you. Thank you. Please let those referees know what that moment meant to all of our soccer players. Isiah has been feeling proud all day today. And of course, the Rincon team went above and beyond with their generosity of spirit and sportsmanship. The Rincon principal was notified about her noble players.

The values, that the Boys & Girls Club promote, truly influence our young people and encourage them to incorporate kindness, sportsmanship and thoughtful behavior into daily life.

Vicki Sullivan
HVMS - PE Teacher


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