Staff Rock Star Award - Tom

Honoring A Staff Member For Going Above & Beyond

Tom Is A Rock Star At The Encanto Branch

Written by Connie Alvarez, South Regional Manager

Tom Reyes has been with the organization for five years and has made a huge impact on our Encanto Branch members. In a community riddled with socio-economic factors beyond a child’s comprehension, Mr. Tom is the strength that carries young adolescent minds through adversity. One of his greatest accomplishments is teaching members how to be caring, responsible citizens in the community. 

He facilitates our character and leadership development program Passport to Manhood. Members ages 8-11 are taught important life skills. Passport to Manhood members aspires to be positive role models in their community because he believes in their abilities.  

Aside from being a positive role model for youth and teaching members how to be responsible citizens, and instills a passion for the visual arts. Under his leadership, several art pieces have received recognition and were submitted to BGCA’s Pacific Region Fine Arts Exhibit. 

Congratulation Tom on being named as the Staff Rock Star of the Month.
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