SOAR (S.T.E.M. Program)

 SOAR Program Session At The Roberts Family Branch STEM Lab.
What is SOAR - Our S.T.E.M. Program?
S.T.E.M. is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
Our SOAR program focuses on these subjects to help youth gain the skills and interest required to fulfill today's growing industries and tomorrow’s high demand of skilled individuals in these fields. 


STEM Elements Have Always Been A Part of Our After School Program
Activities focusing on different S.T.E.M. elements have always been integrated into our daily program offerings, but with recent stats showing American youth falling further behind in science and math skills it became apparent that we needed to do more.

 Since Summer 2012, we have offered two science-related theme weeks during our day camp programs: Go Green and Mad Science. The theme weeks made science fun and cool. Members learned new concepts and enhanced their reasoning skills without feeling like they were in school or learning a lesson.

The Need for SOAR Youth Programs

In the San Diego region: 
Less than 40% of our high school graduates meet the math and science requirements for admission to the University of California and California State systems. 

In California: 
Our students have lower achievement scores in S.T.E.M. than almost all other students in the nation. 

In the United States:
The math and science achievement and the rate of S.T.E.M. degree attainment are inconsistent with a nation considered the world leader in scientific innovation.
For 15-year-old students, the U.S. ranked 28th in math literacy and 24th in science literacy. 

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