2017 Highlights


75 Years of Changing Lives
The BGCGSD celebrated 75 years of serving youth in a safe and nurturing environment since the opening of their first site in 1942.    

The celebration was held at our first Club location, the William J. Oakes Branch, in Logan Heights. The event featured an obstacle courses, an inflatable boxing ring, and provided the community the opportunity to see how the BGCGSD impacts the youth we serve on a day-to-day basis.

This anniversary is more than a number to those associated with the Club. It is a milestone for community leaders and donors, who willed this organization into existence and refused to let it falter from its mission. 
Danny Sherlock was named a 2017 Maytag Dependable Leader Award winner for his demonstrated dedication to keeping youth on the path to achieve great futures.

Through a national partnership, Maytag brand and Boys & Girls Clubs of America selected Sherlock as one of 10 winners nationwide to receive this year’s distinction, which includes a $20,000 financial grant for Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego. 

For more than four decades, Sherlock has provided leadership and upward direction for Boys & Girls Clubs movement. Today the Greater San Diego area is home to 20 Club sites to date, and Sherlock is actively involved in making each location a safe environment for young people to learn and grow into responsible and caring citizens.
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