Staff Rock Star Award

Honoring A Staff Member For Going Above & Beyond

Josh Cortez X-Track Staff Member

Imagine standing by yourself in front of 200 middle school kids, giving them direction and announcements. For many people, that situation would cause great nervousness. Not Josh! He has such a great presence about him and the kids listen and are respectful. Josh is fearless and works well with all kinds of kids.
Josh has worked for BGCGSD for nearly three years. He works in the X-Track program during the school year and has been assigned to 4S Ranch this summer. Throughout his time with us, Josh has worked endlessly to learn and prepare himself to be the best mentor he can possibly be. He has an ability to work with diverse groups of kids and be superb while doing so. He is able to make any game fun with his outstanding characteristics and quick thinking. Aside from being a fun staff, he consistently demonstrates his devotion the safety of the children.
Josh can be counted on to step up whenever he is needed and is truly a pleasure to be around. We are proud to recognize him as our Rock Star of the Month.
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