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Impact Stories of the BGCGSD

Keeping Her Strong Values

*Kristen is an 8th grader and long-time Club Member. She recently attended the Taco Bell Teen Leadership Camp. The theme for camp was “Be Great.” Kristen has always been a joyful and confident young lady, but she recently started feeling down. Some of her friends were making bad choices, and she felt like the “odd one out.” She has strong personal values that have been tested a lot more than usual, and she was starting to feel like she could not relate to her friends or the culture around her. 

The Club has always been a safe place for her, and being at camp with the Club felt equally safe. Upon arriving at camp, Kristen was immediately excited to meet kids from other Clubs. She was happy to get away from the stress of school and her social woes just to have fun. Kristen participated in the team-building activities and tried archery for the first time, which was something that she picked up on quickly. The superhero-themed dance party on Saturday night was a blast for her and all of the teens. 

The camp was certainly enjoyable, but what Kristen took away with her was a message delivered through a presentation on leadership. She watched an inspiring video about overcoming adversity, staying true to your morals and never giving up. The message she heard at Leadership Camp was exactly what she had been going through with her friends. She left feeling ready to stand up for her beliefs and less pressured to follow the crowd. Kristen is back to her joyful self, confident that she can and will be great.

*Name has been changed

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