MM: Bullying

Impact Stories of the BGCGSD

James and friends are standing up to bullying.

James Takes A Stand Against Bullying

Baker Family Branch member James, who is a 7th grader, has found his voice this past year as a participant in our “Be A Hero” Anti-Bullying program. He is a quiet kid who excels in academics and usually keeps to himself. Recently, Branch Manager Chris witnessed the impact of the anti-bullying program in action, as James stepped in to address an issue between two members. 

One member was constantly putting down another boy for always playing his new handheld video game, he thought the boy was a nerd. James could see that the boy was disheartened by the bullying, so he stepped in and asked the taunting member, “Well don’t you play and trade Pokemon cards a lot when you are here with your friends?” The boy replied yes. James then stated, “Has he ever made fun of you for doing that?” The boy responded with a no. At that moment, he realized that he shouldn't make fun of other members for doing what they enjoy, and promptly apologized to him.

James has taken on a new role as someone who stands up for others
and helps diffuse situations. When Chris thanked James for dealing with the situation in a positive way, his reply was priceless. "You don’t have to thank me, I knew you were standing there but I was going to have that conversation if you were there or not. It's what we do when people aren’t looking that makes a difference." 

Developed in 2011, the objective of the “Be A Hero” Anti-Bullying program is to reduce and eliminate instances of bullying and harassment and to empower young people to stand up for themselves and others.
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