After School Program

Our diverse programs fall under three priority outcome areas. 


Providing homework assistance and tutoring to help members achieve success in school.

Art – Kids  express themselves artistically while developing skills.
Career Launch - A career exploration and mentoring program. 
Club K - Appropriate active & non-active activities for kindergartners.
Club Tech – Gives members basic computer skills.
Diplomas to Degrees - Guides teens toward high school graduation. 
Goals For Graduation - Focuses young members on their futures.
Money Matters - Promotes financial responsibility & independence. 
My - An online programming platform to develop skills.
Power Hour – A full hour dedicated to homework assistance for kids. 
Project Learn - Reinforces & enhances the sills learned as school.
Summer Brain Gain - Helps kids continuing to learn over the summer.


Incorporating healthy living, positive behaviors and active learning in every part of the Club experience.

Lunch & Afternoon Snack Program - The majority of our sites provide 
    free snacks to all youth daily & a free lunch during summer.

Physical Fitness - Members take part in 30 minutes of physical fitness     or exercise activities on a daily basis. 

Planet Health - Children engage in activities such as cooking classes         and nutrition education classes.

Triple Play - Empowering young people to make informed decisions           about their physical, mental and social well-being.


Helping Youth Become Responsible And Developing Their Leadership Skills For The Future.

BE A H.E.R.O - Our Anti-Bullying program .

Passport to Manhood - Promotes and teaches responsibility in boys.

Smart Moves – A drug and alcohol educational program.
Smart Girls – Teaches girls self-esteem & self-worth in a group setting.

Youth for Unity – Educates young people about  tolerance & diversity.

Youth of the Year - Recognizes members for their leadership & 
     positive choices.
Leadership Programs – We offer four leadership programs helping 
    young people prepare for their futures, including Junior Leaders,    
    Keystone Club,  Leaders In Training & Torch Club.
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