The BGCGSD  has a long and distinguished history as a youth non-profit organization in San Diego County.

The William J. Oakes Branch was the first facility opened for the Clubs in 1942.

1941 – William J. Oakes, the principal at Memorial 
   Junior High in Logan Heights, saw a great need for 
   youth services outside school setting. Working with 
   top San Diego business leaders, Mr. Oakes was a 
   key  driving force behind opening the first Boys 
   Club, later named the William J. Oakes Branch that 
   was built in Memorial Park in Logan Heights.
1948 – National City Branch opens.

1954 – The Escondido Chief of Police Lefty Mitchell 
   and several business leaders start what was known 
   as the Escondido Boys Club to provide a place 
   where boys could gather for constructive activities 
   after school.
1955 – Linda Vista Branch opens.

1960 – The Soroptimist Club opens the Escondido 
    Girls Club to serve the needs of girls.
1961 – Clairemont Branch opens.

1973 – Boys Clubs of San Diego purchases a Safeway 
    store and converts it into the Encanto Boys Club.
1976 – Child Development Program at Escondido 
    (Mitchell) Branch opens.
1978 – Teen Center opens at the Escondido Boys 

1981 – Escondido Boys Club merges with Escondido 
    Girls Club to form the Boys and Girls Clubs of 
1987 – Boys Clubs of San Diego officially changes 
   name to the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Diego.

1990 – The Boys & Girls Club of Ramona opens
 1992 – Boys & Girls Club of Escondido opens Baker 
1993 – Valley Center Branch opens.
1997 – Critical Hours Program starts in Escondido 
    and Encanto.
1997 – Project Outreach, a juvenile diversion 
    program starts at the Encanto Branch.
1998 – Borrego Springs Branch opens.
1998 – Poway Branch opens in a trailer at the     
    Meadowbrook Middle School.

2000 – The Boys & Girls Club United was formed by 
    the unification of Escondido Boys & Girls Clubs 
   with the Ramona Boys & Girls Clubs.
2002 – The Boys & Girls Clubs of San Diego merges 
   with Boys & Girls Clubs United to form the Boys & 
   Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego.
2002 – Borrego Badlands Skate Park opens.
2003 – X-Track After School Program begins at      
    North County middle schools.
2004 – Sulpizio Branch opens in Poway.
2004 – 4S Ranch Branch opens near Rancho 
2005 – Received Honor Award for Program 
    Excellence from Boys and Girls Clubs of America       
    for Health & Life Skills Program.
2005 – Linda Vista Teen Center opens.
2005 – Linda Vista Branch is rededicated as the 
    Roberts Family Branch in Honor of County 
    Supervisor Ron Roberts.

2006 – A $1.0 million gift kicks off the Kid For Life 
2007 – Awarded $900,000 from the State of 
    California to Develop Outdoor Soccer Park in 
   Logan Heights.
2008 – BGCGSD completes a $7,581,257 capital 
    campaign for capital improvements to metro San 
    Diego Clubs.
2009 – The Boys & Girls Clubs of National City 
    merges with the BGCGSD.

2010 - SPARK Young Professionals Association is
2011 - New Dance Studio opens at the Encanto 
2011 - New Arena Soccer facility opens at the 
    Ramona Branch.
2012 - The Bronner Family Branch opens in Valley 
    Center. The new facility replaced the existing 
2013 - New Borrego Springs Branch Computer Lab 
2013 - Clairemont Resource & Training Center opens.
2013 - Named as the San Diego North Chamber Non-
     Profit of the Year. 
2013 - National City Branch renamed the Payne 
     Family Branch.
2014 - BGCGSD opens its first STEM Lab at the 
    Roberts Family Branch in Linda Vista.
2015 - ECS Head Start Program opens at the Payne 
    Family Branch.

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