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Impact Stories of the BGCGSD

Negeen, who is loved by the kids, poses with Roberts Family Branch members during the art class she created to help members express themselves. 

Using Art To Change Lives

Negeen is a Psychology major at USD., Her passion is helping kids cope with extraordinary issues. She found herself at the Ron Roberts Family Branch about a year ago in a work study program where her goal was to impact one child. 

She soon saw the need and decided to get creative and began an expressive art program where 15 kids would come consistently and work on opening up through art. 

Negeen then began tutoring a member who was very behind in his learning and development. Negeen helped him one-on-one each week, and eventually he was able to catch up with the other members. 

In addition to her art class, Negeen was a lead campaigner for our recent Little Jumps campaign and raised $5,048 through her friends and family.  

Huy, Roberts Branch Manager, said, “Sometimes it’s not just the volunteers impacting the kids, it’s the kids impacting the volunteers.” Negeen has made a big impact at that Branch so far. 

We appreciate all of our volunteers who give back to the community and our youth.

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Club members, alumni, and staff make a difference every day. Your support of the BGCGSD helps us change the lives of over 22,000 youth! 
Our Mission Moments page is dedicated to showcasing the stories of our members, alumni, staff and you – the people who believe in the mission of the Boys & Girls Club. Please take a moment to let us know how the Boys & Girls Club has changed your life and how those associated with the Club may have impacted you by clicking here to send us an Email. We also invite you to send a photo to accompany your Mission Moment.
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