Parent Information

Our Clubs are an age-appropriate place of physical and emotional safety, and stability for our Club members, where they have structure and clearly defined boundaries. Our youth can build strong, positive connections with adult role models and their peers. The staff makes the Club feel like a home where members can be free to be themselves and enjoy being kids.

Download our Parent Handbook to learn everything you need to know about your child attending the BGCGSD.
We have also provided our membership application in a fillable PDF format.
Download our membership application in a fillable PDF format.
Download our scholarship application in a fillable PDF format.


Military families face many challenges. Boys & Girls Clubs of America, BGCGSD and the U.S. Military have partnered to make their lives a little easier. Through this partnership, children of National Guard Reserve and Active Duty families in the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard, who do not live near or have access to a military Youth Center, receive a FREE membership to the BGCGSD. Other fees for day camps, sports leagues and transportation do still apply, but scholarship assistance is available. To enroll using a military voucher, you must complete a Club membership application and a voucher enrollment form, and present them to the Club's front office at the time of registration.

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