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Impact Stories of the BGCGSD

Discovering A Delicious New Life Skill

Payne Family Branch Manager Sommer Cartier is an avid gardener and has brought her passion to the Club through a new 11-bed Kids Garden, which is creating opportunities for kids to learn through gardening, engaging their natural curiosity and wonder. Each bed has a different theme to expose members to a variety of vegetables, fruits, and plants from around the world. Members are now beginning to see the fruits of their labor, especially with the tasting bed, which gives kids a chance to try new things like arugula. Carlos tried the spicy leaf and was not impressed, he said with a bitter look on his face, "It is not spicy, it's just no good." Despite him not liking the arugula, the goal of the garden is to have kids try new things. Cartier stated, "Even though they may or may not like something, just having them try it is a success. Also, they are developing gardening skills that will be useful for life. While they care for their plants, they learn about the food cycle, the workings of nature and how to care for the Earth."
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