MM: Junior Leaders


If you were to ask teens who have never attended the Club about our teen resources and opportunities, they would probably tell you that the Club is only for little kids. This was certainly how a group of teens felt when they walked through our doors. 

Ten girls, each representing a different school within their district, were convinced that the Club was not for them. Within a few days of joining, their branch manager recommend the Junior Leaders program .

The Junior Leaders is a program that prepares teens for future roles as human services professionals by participating in career development activities, discovering the importance of community service, and building customer service skills.

Under the guidance of their branch manger, the girls began to work together to achieve academic and community goals. They routinely contributed at the Club, introduing other members to dance and mentoring at the homework club. Within a matter of time, their service expanded to towards their community and the girls became regular volunteers at the local elementary school and animal shelter.  

As part of the Junior Leaders program , the teens were given space at the Club to develop a dance program for the teens. Here, they have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills while showcasing their talents to their peers. 

“I’m happy that I joined the Club."  One of the teens shared during the interview,  "I learned how to be myself and relate to other kids my age no matter what is going on. Plus - I'm having fun.”

Interested in joining the Club? CLICK HERE to find a location near you! 

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